stuck with the beast 


Drawn from my daily struggles with "finding inspiration," I created this AR motion-comic titled “Stuck with the Beast.” The beast represents the anxiety and fear within my creativity crisis. As the story unfolds, I’ve included a flashback to childhood memories that illuminate the origin of the “Beast.” 

I chose two different media to tell the story: physical (printed comic) and digital (animation). This echoes the tension between the abstract anxiety in the form of the imaginary beast, and the tangible daily life in real world. They are connected through augmented reality, which not only brings the static image to life, but allows it to run off the page.

Platform: Paper + tablet

Tools: Photoshop, After Effects, Unity, Easy AR


It was exhibited on MFADT 2017 Spectrum thesis show at Parsons School of Design, and 2018 PULSE Art + Technology Festival at Telfair Museums.